I am a costumer at heart, currently living a nomadic lifestyle while traveling and exploring more of the world. But the back story is where it all got started!


While even at a young age I was traveling around the US, my first international experience was a camping trip into Canada with the Boy Scouts. Even then, I had no urge to travel further – until being nudged enough by my collegiate French professor to finish a French minor while studying in Lille, France. Before I knew it, I was on the plane by myself in January 2008 headed to France for a semester.


I was hooked! I traveled some during that semester and wrapped up what I then considered the “trip of a life time.” Yet, I knew then that I would always long to explore more of the newly opened world.


Due to circumstances however, it wasn’t until 2016 that I was able to leave home again. Prior to getting back out, I settled down and focused on work and making money. Going back to school for my Paramedic in 2014, I was finally making enough to be able to save. The yearn to travel again was itching!


I finally returned to Europe in early 2016 – only to discover that my secure job back home filed bankruptcy and closed down overnight while I was abroad! I was able to make it home, but things were now in disarray. I thankfully bounced back, but also knew that I had little desire to stay in the area. My eyes seriously began looking outward.


Over months, my dreams were fleshed into reality. When I finally booked my one-way ticket to Russia coinciding with my 31st birthday, the trip started rolling! Before long, I was crossing Russia via Train, working with horses in Mongolia, and exploring China and Tibet. What a journey that was!


When that trip ended, I returned home and began working towards the next journey.



So, I welcome you to follow along!