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Even though I currently am calling New Zealand home, Australia is actually not “that” far away. Ok… only if you think a 3-4 hour flight as being “close!” However, Sydney is a VERY common layover city for the long Pacific international flights to/from the US & Canada. My parent’s flew via Sydney when they came down to visit, as did my aunt and grandmother when they visited. I myself have had layovers in Sydney, but have considered flights transiting through Brisbane as well. If you arrange your flights well and have the time, you can even pop out to explore the city for a bit!


Because of the proximity of both Australia and New Zealand being in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fact that there’s actually a LOT of items affecting my life in New Zealand that connect the two separate former British colonies, I have actually seriously considered living in Australia. But for now, just the occasional visit will suffice!





Australia is actually a common stop on the long trip to/from New Zealand. If you can arrange your flights with a long enough layover to leave the airport, you can even leave the airport to explore a bit – like I did on my most recent journey back down to home! But to do this, you will need a transit visa.

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