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My visit in Mongolia was a bit more unique than my other travels, as I spent a couple weeks volunteering with Stepperiders. I also joined a 15-day tour around Mongolia. Whenever I was not on a trek with Stepperiders, in their home camp, or on the tour, I spent my time in and around Ulaanbaatar. While you are free to check out posts pertaining to the destinations on the map above, there are other posts that don’t quite fit on the map. Check out these pages below for more info on their respective topics!





There are many things to see and do in and around Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

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While volunteering with Stepperiders, I accompanied two treks as a photographer and general helper: the Naadam Festival and Terelj. After those back-to-back treks were over, I spent some additional time in their home campsite trying to keep things running smoothly before ending my volunteer experience.

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 I joined a small group of travelers on a 15-day tour down the the Gobi Desert and around sites in Central Mongolia.

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