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Visiting Tibet has been one of my dream trips since I was a teenager. I fell in love with the country and its tragic history after watching “Seven Years in Tibet” – however it was years later that I realized how inaccurate that film was. Regardless, I was hooked and knew that someday I would visit.


While planning my Trans-MongolAsian Trek last year, I quickly realized that since I will already be ending in China, I was significantly closer to making this dream a reality. With the recent completion of the Qinghai-Tibet railroad, access to Lhasa was suddenly a possibility. I told myself that I WILL visit Tibet. After significant research, I finally settled on a 15-day trek in Tibet that included Lhasa, Mount Everest, and a 3-day kora (hike) around Mount Kailash in Western Tibet.


Despite the high price tag (eventually 1/5 of the total cost I spent on my trip), my dream became reality in October 2017. That experience changed my life, in many ways I hadn’t even expected. Join me to learn more about my incredible “once in a lifetime” journey into Tibet.






China official recognizes “Tibet” as the Tibetan Autonomous Region (T.A.R.) and nothing more. Even that region, which has strict regulations for visitors, is under Chinese rule. However, prior to the Cultural Revolution in 1950, the actual area of Tibet was much larger. In the interactive map above, I tried to show the former region of Tibet which includes the current T.A.R, the Amdo region, and the Khan region.

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