Update: Long over due!

Hi y’all!

So, I knew that when I got this all up and running literally just before my trip that I would potentially have a challenge keeping things up-to-date… I truly did NOT expect it to be this behind though! Sorry.


In all honestly, the main reason I haven’t posted most things on here yet is due to the pictures. I take A TON of pictures! And from my camera, they’re all in RAW format so they need to be converted at minimum, if not edited. To do that, I need to be on my laptop – which requires both time and power. The actual word part of posts are mainly done, it’s getting caught up on photos that’s the problem.


So, just to recap real quickly what I have been up:


Through June, I had a rather hurried trip through Russia where I enjoyed the sights and cities. I foolishly did not give myself even a day in there to relax, let alone catch up on photos or my blog. As noted already from the one or two posts, I started off in Saint Petersburg. From there, I continued to Moscow. The overall arch to this trip is the Trans-Mongolian Railroad, aboard which I started my journey from Moscow. Over the rest of my month in Russia, I stopped in the cities of Kazan, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irktusk, Olkhon Island, and finally arrived in Ulan Ude. If you got tired just reading that list – then you can understand how tired I was by the end!


I then arrived in Mongolia on July 6. After registering with immigration here, the next day I was off to Stepperiders where I had arranged my volunteering. I stayed with them for 20 days, either on a trek or in their camp but generally without any power for my laptop (remember, laptop = photos for blogs!). Despite a brief night back in the capital away from camp, I returned back for a couple more days. However, the last week or so while I was with Stepperiders, my “job” had changed and they had me filling in as the camp manager. While it was not that bad overall, it was not what I came here for and I finally advised them that I would be leaving them early as a result.


Last weekend, I returned back to Ulaanbaatar and settled down for my remaining month in Mongolia. For a week, all I did was sleep, relax, and try to give myself a break to refresh for the next half of my trip. I didn’t work on the blog nor on any photos (other than ensuring that the ones I had taken were saved and backed up.) I figured that at some point during August, I would join a shorter trip into the Gobi desert – one of my main goals before I leave Mongolia.


Two days ago, I caught wind of a small group looking for more people to join their 14-day trip to the Gobi and Central Mongolia. Given that by me joining as the 5th person, the total trip would cost only $560 each! So I jumped on it. And then I realized that again, I failed the blog and my readers – especially when I realized that in the day or two left, I actually had to plan the next half of my trip to China! Complicating this was having to coordinate with my brother, 12 hours behind me time wise, as he will be joining me for those 6 weeks.


As I am typing this, I am also gathering my bags for what I will be taking on my 14-day trip – and trying to book train tickets. Later this morning, our group will be picked up and off we go for another great fun adventure!


I should have signal on and off while on the trip – but unless I can find a power converter to plug in my laptop while we spend our time driving (of which there will actually be a bit!), the photos and blog will get set aside again. HOWEVER – when I return in two weeks, I have a whole two weeks here in Ulaanbaatar before I leave for China. THAT is my goal to get things caught up.


In the mean time, make sure to follow me on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/NomadicCostumer/ and on Twitter @NomadicCostumer!


Now, it’s off to the desert and sand dunes of the Gobi!

A bientôt!

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