Update, an apology – but with a few teasers!

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In my last post, I laid out many of the reasons I fell behind on this blog, so I won’t rehash those. You can glance them over here though, if you need.

Long story short – I didn’t get caught up after my Gobi trek. And then I traveled to China where I made the same foolish traveler’s mistake as I did in Russia – I tried to do too much in too little time. Honestly, even the cruise along the Yangtze was busy and not truly relaxing. Before I knew it, I was on my 15-day trek through Tibet and my ticket home finally booked. Wow has time flown!


I’m horribly sorry.


And I truly am, because I know many I you were hoping to be able to follow along with my adventures. I also enjoy telling those stories. I have been journaling in Notes the entire time to remember what I’m doing, what im thinking or feeling, or to not important things. Except it doesn’t make for good reads – well, maybe it would! (But I’d probably be too embarrassed to post that without some massive editing!)

I also know you want to see pictures and understand what you’re seeing in addition to my words. As noted previously, to share the picture I take, I have to edit or at minimum convert them before they can be shared. Naturally that takes time.

In conclusion, I have decided that while I will continue working on what I can when I can, my main focus will not be on the blog posts until my trip is over. Once back home (stuck back home, being more like it!) I will have a lot more time to actually work on posts. I will be returning home in just under one week – mostly because I need more money! So it’s not much longer at this point, and then I hope to keep up on my posts frequently as I relive my trip and invite you along to enjoy all the details.

But don’t think I’m ignoring you all (The perhaps twenty people who have actually read my posts)! I AM updating things quite frequently on twitter because it’s easy to tweet what I’m doing. I also try to share things on my Facebook page, and the occasional image on Instagram. So if you are not yet following me on those places, I encourage you to do so rather than waiting in anticipation.

Facebook Page:  NomadicCostumer

Twitter: @NomadicCostumer

Instagram: NomadicCostumer

Please, follow along (or catch up quicker!) any or all of those and you’ll be satiated until I am truly focus on here.



And now – the teasers!


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