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This landing page is a brief overview of my Trans-MongolAsian Trek. For a very brief overview, read on below. Otherwise, pick a country and discover my experiences on this epic journey as I traveled across Russia, Mongolia, China, and Tibet!






When I started to plan this trip, I was not happy with the situation at home. I needed to get away and change things up. Leaving everything and traveling around the world seemed like a great option! I started off with one of my “Dream Trips” – traveling the entire Trans-Siberian Railroad. I figured once that was done, I’d continue onto other parts of the world.


Once I began to research and plan everything, I realized first that I actually wanted to travel the Trans-Mongolian Railroad and see three different countries rather than travel solely through Russia on the original Trans-Siberian railroad. Furthermore, going that using track (pun intended) would actually be a great trip itself! By maximizing my allotted visa timeframes, a simple 6 day train journey suddenly became at potential 6 month trip!


[31 days in Russia, up to 3 months in Mongolia, and 60 days in China]


There was another reason to note behind this trip – I ended up booking my initial flight so that I would land in Saint Petersburg, Russia on my 31st birthday. Happy Birthday to me! In total, I spent 28 days traveling through Russia. After the initial visit in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, I finally hopped aboard the official Trans-Mongolian Railroad and spent the remainder of my time in Russia hopping off at various cities along the route.


After crossing the border into Mongolia, I quickly started a volunteer program with Stepperiders, a horse-trek company based outside of Ulaanbaatar. For the next three and half weeks, I accompanied two of their treks as a photographer and then helped manage the camp briefly. Once that experience was finished, I took time to relax for a bit before joining a 15-day tour around the Gobi & Central Mongolia.


On Sept 1, I arrived in Beijing, China. The entire 7,621 km journey of the Trans-Mongolian Railroad was completed. But my travels were not yet over! The following day, my brother landed in his first trip outside the country. For the next two weeks, he and I traveled around hitting many highlights along the Golden Triangle of China. After he returned home, I continued traveling more around China before my last major leg of my trip – Tibet!


Visiting Tibet has long been a dream of mine. Since occupied and ruled by China, accessing Tibet would be easier for me as I was already in China! After going back and forth to get everything lined up, I finally arrived in Lhasa, Tibet on Oct 1 and joined a 15-day trek that took me to Mount Everest and even a 3-day kora around Mount Kailash in Western Tibet. Those 15-days truly changed my life in ways I had not expected.


Unfortunately all good things must come to and end. After a long train ride back to Beijing and a couple days to rest, I finally flew home. Over a timeframe of five and a half months, I had literally traveled around the world.


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